AP17.0 Trading System is designed from a very effective and sound trading strategy.
  • It helps to easily spot Markets trend, opportunities for entering and exiting a position even in an established market trend and holding till the trend changes.
  • It has a logic simple and easy to understand, with trading rules easy to adapt to and 100% consistent with our trading strategy.
  • its simple rules (which also adjust for market volatility) are based on price and volume with few conditions required to satisfy entry or exit criteria, also taking into account the changing character of markets.
  • Its adaptability to market conditions makes it transferable across multiple Forex markets.
  • Criteria for "entry and exit" are fully specified to ensure there is always a clear "entry and exit" point no matter what market conditions.
  • It is highly productive well across a wide variety of Forex markets with no modifications at all.
  • Generates a sufficiently large number of trades; average profit per trade is substantially higher than the cost of slippage and commissions.

AP17.0 Forex Trading System

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