Why AsajuPro?

Traditionally, chaos is considered to be a disorderly structure, but chaos according to Bill Williams Chaos theory is a much higher level of order, in which there is absence of pattern and play of chance.

Chaos is permanent, but stablility is temporary. Financial markets are the result of chaos.

Cause and effect are predictable in the Linear World.

In the Non-Linear World such as the financial market (Forex Market to be precise), such relations between cause and effect rarely exist.

Fundamental or technical analysis cannot guarantee steady profitable results on the financial market. The investor who relies on linear prospects will never see the “real” market, constantly risking money.

Traders lose because they rely on different forms of analysis, which are inefficient infact and are therefore useless or even dangerous. Trading is a physiological game, the way of self-realization and self-knowledge.

Trading should not be difficult or back-breaking. It is unneccessary to analyze financial markets for many hours, trying to predict the trend direction. The only thing you need to become successful without having constant stress is find your trading self.

To get to know it better and to follow it no matter what. There are two significant aspects to successful trading:

1. Self knowledge
2. Understanding of the market structure.

At AsajuPro, we possess self-knowledge based on our seasoned years of experience. We thoroughly understand the market structure and are therefore the perfect choice for your trading needs.